Why eLearning?

So you’d like to teach people a thing or two…

The information is important, mandatory, or heavily regulated. You need to ensure that the material is delivered clearly, consistently, and in a timely manner to many employees, regardless of their location and time zone. And, you need to prove that it has happened. A growth in virtual teams and an increasing demand on people’s time has facilitated a shift towards web-based training solutions such as eLearning (and mobile learning). eLearning offers increased flexibility and is significantly more scalable than instructor-led training. Additionally, it includes advanced assessment and tracking capabilities.

Is eLearning better than instructor-led training?

We don’t believe so. Although some studies indicate that eLearning outcomes exceed instructor-led training, most research shows eLearning and instructor-led training to be equivalent in their effectiveness. Certainly, there is no evidence to suggest that eLearning is inferior as was the belief in its early days. There are compelling reasons for both and support that a blended approach is best.

So why do we focus exclusively on eLearning?

The simple answer is because we love it, we believe in it, it’s what we know deeply, and we do it very well. We give it our undivided focus to stay current with emerging technologies that continually enhance and improve its effectiveness. We choose to be great in one domain, rather than good in many.

We recognize that sometimes circumstances dictate the approach and for those situations where eLearning is the only option, we hope you’ll call on us to ensure that it excels.