Interactive Video

interactive video, branching video, video branching, eLearning, mLearning, mobile learningIf given the choice, Learners prefer consuming training content by video. They are impactful, entertaining, and seductive. In a learning context, we love videos because they quickly deliver lots of information in short, mobile-friendly bursts. Videos provide the multi-sensory, experiential, and emotional experiences, which greatly enhance learning.


YouTube Video Statistics:


  • Over 1 billion users
  • Millions of video hours watched and billions of views daily
  • 50% increase in viewing hours each month year over year
  • 300 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • 50% of views on mobile devices

Videos are complicated and costly, right?

Not so much anymore. Today, software, tools, equipment, and apps, make it possible to produce quality videos on a limited budget. Expensive equipment and production teams are no longer required and if anything, take away from creativity. Video production is now more accessible than ever. Some of our best work has been filmed (simply and cost effectively) using wearable GoPro cameras, in order to film from the ‘Learner’s point of view’.

Interactive Videos include branching activities… similar to a “choose your own adventure”, outcomes are dependent on the choices made by the Learner. When our actions have consequences, there is no better Interactive Video Productionlearning than that.