eLearning Benefits

Sometimes eLearning is the only training option… but does it deliver all it promises? Here are 8 reasons why eLearning may benefit your organization:

1. Convenience:

It allows employees to learn on demand – at their pace, anywhere, anytime, as their schedule allows.

2. Scalability:

eLearning has global reach. It is accessible to geographically dispersed audiences across different time zones and can be translated to multiple languages, while simultaneously tracking results.

3. Consistency:

eLearning courses offer a consistent experience for all employees, regardless of location.

4. Relevance:

Today’s technology provides unlimited opportunity to increase Learner engagement with realistic scenarios that facilitate learning by doing, allowing hands-on practice in a simulated environment.

5. Privacy:

eLearning provides a safe environment to make decisions and take calculated risks, without judgment or public embarrassment of failure.

6. Easily Repeated:

Employees can return to review specific components as needed.

7. Time and Cost Savings:

A well-designed course delivers key information in significantly less time than classroom training, without the expense of instructors and printed materials.

8. Longevity:

To remain relevant, eLearning courses are easily refreshed with recent news examples, case studies, scenarios, and images. The existing structure can stay in place, while delivering a seemingly new course.