Content Writing

“As neuroscience reveals, what draws us into a story and keeps us there is the firing of our dopamine neurons, signaling that intriguing information is on its way. Having our curiosity piqued is visceral. Once curiosity is roused, we have an emotional, vested interest in finding our what happens next.”


– Lisa Cron, Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence

The amazing power of words…

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Simple, descriptive language, in just the right quantity keeps us invested. Content writing is an art. It is also key to instructional design. What good is the course content if no one reads it?

Consequently, storytelling techniques are increasingly used in education. Stories are wonderful delivery agents for important messages. Think about it – all good stories deliver a message.

Through story, we experience, relate, and connect with the events that the charactor(s) confront, the emotions they feel, and the lessons they learn along the way. Stories have immediate and lasting impact. We’ll bet you have a story or two in your memory bank.  As developmental psychologist Roger Schank explains, “stories form the framework and structure through which humans sort, understand, relate, and file experience into memory.”

We are master storytellers, content creators, and content curators.


Our specialty? A lighter approach to educational content. We find creative ways to present complex (sometimes dull) information in an engaging way. We develop content for web-based courses (eLearning/mLearning) as well as for websites and blogs.  Do you have an important message to deliver? If so, we would like to help you tell your story.

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