Meet Liz

eLearning Designer


You’ve got a training dilemma. Educating your employees is a priority, perhaps even a compliance requirement. However, traditional classroom training is financially and logistically impractical.

There are some instances where online training (eLearning) is the only option. It offers flexibility – employees can participate in training from anywhere in the world, at any time, and their results are automatically tracked and available on demand. eLearning addresses the logistical impracticalities that classroom training does not. But, how do you ensure that eLearning delivers the right content, in a way that your employees will embrace it and maybe even enjoy the experience? More importantly, how can you ensure that they will remember it?

This skill (designing relevant, engaging, and memorable eLearning solutions) is my expertise. Instructional design answers the question of what subject matter to include in your course and how to present it.

As an instructional designer, I am naturally curious about how people learn. What motivates us to learn? How do we learn best? I myself am a life-long learner; I get excited about learning something new. And, I want to know why.

Adult learning has been my focus and passion for the past fifteen years. With a deep background in training needs analysis, client consultation, learning strategy, and instructional design, I bring thought leadership and originality to eLearning course design.

Subject Matters is a reflection of who I am. Part intellectual, part creative. I look to current neurological research and brain science to influence thoughtful, effective learning solutions. I leverage technology to create innovative learning experiences that ‘involve’ learners in a fun, meaningful, and memorable way.

Subject Matters is a virtual company, operating globally, across a variety of industries, with diverse eLearning requirements. It is a company of one: me – Liz Babalola. Sometimes I work independently and sometimes in collaboration with a carefully selected team of the brightest and creative instructional designers, eLearning developers, graphic artists, and animators I’ve come to know in my journey. Together we pool our talents to scale to larger projects and most importantly to inspire you and your Learners. As a result, Subject Matters is lean on management, heavy on expertise – big on results.